Wedding Magazine Package: Your wedding symbolizes a new beginning in your life, the lives of your family, and lives of your friends. Your wedding is a joining of future vision, life partnership, and support for each other.

Gallagher Close offers you an opportunity to create a chronicle of this special time in your life. Your wedding is a mosaic of experiences before, during, and after the ceremony. Your wedding magazine will be an enduring legacy that can be handed down to other generations celebrating your family’s fresh start.









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Design: Gallagher Close offers a choice of three defined magazine design styles for our primary packages. The design styles include colors that represent your special event theme and a choice of fonts appropriate for your magazine’s editorial structure. We will work with you and your event planner to create the right wedding magazine for your needs. A custom design option is available at an additional cost depending on the amount of custom design required.

Photography: Your special wedding magazine is a full-color visual and editorial montage of that will capture the spirit of your special moment. We will be utilizing your personal photography, along with Gallagher Close photography, and an option to work closely with your photographer.

Social Media Design: Gallagher Close works closely with our partner businesses that specialize in social media marketing. If you would like a strong presence on social media sites during your event we could customize a social media management package reflecting your particular needs.

Editorial: The creation of copy in your wedding magazine starts with interviews with you, your family, and your friends. The writing and editing process is finalized with your editorial authorization for the publication. The following editorial represents suggestions from Gallagher Close.

Editorial Options Editorial Structure Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package
How You Met and Fell in Love Department
Your Future Life Vision Department
Proposal, Ring Department
Wedding Dress Department
Ceremony: Vows, Service, Music Main Feature
Reception: Location, Food, Music, Toasts Main Feature
Wedding Parties Secondary Feature
Wedding Party: Best Man, Bridesmaid, Etc. Secondary Feature  
Moneymoon: Location, Hotel, Activities Main Feature  
Flowers, Wedding Theme Department    
Groom's Family Wishes Department    
Bride's Family Wishes Department    
Additional Article Secondary Feature    
Additional Arcticle Department    


Editorial Structure: Your special events magazine’s editorial structure consists of word count, editorial percentage of photography on page, font type and font size appropriate to one of the three designs chosen. Editorial structure will also take into account advertising options in our Gold Package and Platinum Package.

Advertising Design Option: To create a personal style event magazine we are offering optional advertising design relevant to the vendors who were part of your special occasion. We will design advertising that reflects and highlights the personal work done on your special day and at other events pertaining to your important event.

Website Design/Hosting: We offer you website design, management, and hosting of your special occasion during the creation of your event magazine and for three months following delivery of publication.

Magazine Size: To maintain a cost-effective finished product we have chosen two options for sizes of magazines that fit printing presses. We can customize the size of the publication with other options such as gate-folds, tip-ons, insert cards, etc., at an additional cost.  

MAGAZINE PRODUCTION AND PRINT RUN COSTS: The cost of magazine production and printing the publications is reflective of the magazine design package chosen, and how many magazines you would need.

Total Costs: Magazine Size Base Price Cost Per Extra Printed Copy
Silver Package with 50 Printed Copies 8 1/4 (width) x 11 (height) $5,500.00 $6.00
Gold Package with 50 Printed Copies 8 1/4 (width) x 11 (height) $7,500.00 $10.00
Platinum Package with 50 Printed Copies 9 (width) x 11 (height) $10,500.00 $16.00

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